Link’s fiber optic connections for Ferrari Challenge

Link’s revolutionary tactical multicore fiber optic technology is being used to broadcast the world’s most famous single-brand car championship.

With over 1,000 drivers taking part in the competition since its first race in 1993, the Ferrari Challenge is the most-followed single-brand car championship in the world.

A high-tech brand such as Ferrari requires an adequate level of innovation and professionalism in the selection of equipment and materials utilized to broadcast the event all over the world. In this regard the TV broadcast company NVP has recently renewed the cabling infrastructure with high quality fiber optic connections produced by Link.

More specifically, Link provided its innovative multicore fiber optic systems to create the backbone for the connection of several mobile “hubs” which are used to connect and power UHD cameras along the track.

The system utilizes Eurocable single-mode 24-channel fiber optic tactical cables that are specially designed to tolerate extreme bending radiuses while maintaining an intact structure. Featuring a triple jacket, they are reinforced with aramid fibers to ensure maximum tensile strength. These characteristics make them especially suited for extreme environments, such as live racing broadcast. The cables are terminated with very compact MTP connections (about the size of an RJ45) enclosed in robust aluminum LK Connectors shells.  These special connectors supply a lower signal loss than standard LC connectors, are IP 68 rated, and are also very resistant to shock and vibrations thus minimizing the risk of accidental unlocking. Like all LK Connectors they also feature an easy and error-free coupling system for fast connections. Link’s multicore fiber optic extensions therefore allow field technicians to connect up to 24 fiber channels in one action, in total safety and with extreme ease, an operation that is often much more complex with other types of connectors.

Image of MTP optical fiber Extension
Single-mode 24-channel fiber optic tactical cable

In terms of cabling, the whole system is made particularly efficient by means of specific switches that enable the separation of fiber channels to reach more than one hub, if not all 24 channels are employed.

Link’s multicore fiber optic system is immediately operational, without the need of wiring and making patches on site. This is a very important feature as it reduces the chance of error and installation times.

In addition, the hubs are equipped with CCU modules and receive, via Eurocable SMPTE cables, signals from various UHD cameras. This huge amount of data is then transmitted through the tactical fiber cables to the central mobile control room.

For more than 30 years Link has been renowned in the Entertainment Industry not only for its cables and connector ranges but also for being one of the most innovative companies in the creation of “smart” systems for the distribution of signals and power for live events, multipurpose venues, stadia and major sports events.


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