About Link

Our History

Link was founded in 1987 by two audio engineers, including Marco Piromalli, Link‘s current President. In the early days Link‘s focus was on providing a modular connector capable of surviving the harsh elements of concert touring while at the same time maintaining the precision fidelity required in the entertainment industry. Inspired by the military and avionics industry Link developed a new breed of connectors that surpassed all requirements in the industry. Link saw that the rise of digital data and fiber optic technology would transform the entertainment industry so we began to build solutions for the wiring and connectivity problems that existed within, and across, the audio, video and lighting industries. Under the leadership of Mr. Piromalli and Link‘s current Managing Director, Assunta Fratocchi, the company focused on fundamentals and built its reputation on the basis of two world renowned brands: Eurocable and LK Connectors. Over the years, it has continued to innovate and provide its clients with both pre-built, and custom, cables, connectors and accessories to meet their every need. Today Link has not only expanded beyond the entertainment industry, providing a full range of best-in-class connectivity solutions for many civil, military and heavy industry applications, but it’s also the inventor of the revolutionary Link On Air sanitization system. If you can imagine it, we can build it. Link takes pride in providing the best connectivity solutions on time and on budget and in delivering the best customer service for its industry.
Image of Link's Headquarter in Rome, Italy

Our Group

Link S.r.l. is the mother company and hosts the corporate headquarters based in Rome, Italy.  The following entities collectively comprise the Link group of companies.

  • LK Connectors S.r.l., is a company that manufactures circular connectors mainly used in the entertainment industry (cinema, television, radio, theatre, music, events, etc.) but also with applications in many civil, military and heavy industry fields. The connectors produced mainly originate from the military MIL5015 regulation and offer the ideal situation for all those environments in which durability, connection reliability and operators safety are critical factors.
  • Eurocable S.r.l., specialized in the design and production of a wide range of cables manufactured with strict attention to flexibility and stringent electrical specifications which follow the highest market standard requirements. Eurocable has produced a unique brand of hybrid cables for the transport of different signals and power.
  • Link also holds the largest share of the U.S. based company. Link USA, Inc. based in Middleton – WI – USA, which takes care of the sale of all Link products in the United States of America.

Our Brands

Eurocable – audio, video, Ethernet, lighting, fiber optics, power and hybrid cables

LK Connectors – audio, video, Ethernet, lighting, fiber optics, power and hybrid connectors

PDlink – hybrid signal & power distribution systems

DGlink – hybrid digital distribution systems

Link On Air – innovative sanitization solutions based on ActivePure® technology

In Italy, Link also distributes the following brands

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