The LKO hybrid optical/power connector features a 4 channel expanded beam optical connection and 5 x 8 AWG electrical contacts. The power contacts are ideal for transporting a three phase 32A power source in addition to the tactical optical cable (4 Single mode 90/125 wires, ref. Eurocable CVS LK FO4SM 8/5)

The LKG Gigabit series of connectors is ideal for applications that require multiple CAT6A connections and power. Available in different CAT6A connections and power from single phase 20A to three phase 30A, LKG is ideal for Front Of House and cross stage connections that require hybrid power + data.

The LKG 32/3ERG6 connector has been specifically designed for live entertainment and Broadcast-TV applications with MADI digital audio and HD-SDI connections. The combination of CAT6A and RG6 in one trunk cable allows you to send a wide variety of signals over extended distances.

The LKS Data incorporates integral data transport while maintaining compatibility with all conventional “Socapex” style 19 pin power connectors. Link’s innovative coaxial pin design. The LKS Data System only transports 6 circuits of power but also carries DMX, Gigabit Ethernet, or digital audio.

The LKS range has been designed for professional lighting and power distribution applications. Fully compatible with Socapex SL 419 series, LKS connectors represent a significant breakthrough in reliability and safety. They are extremely robust, IP rated and available with impact resistant rubber locking rings.

The LK Multi-Coax connectors are ideal for Broadcast-TV and OB Van applications that require multiple video and signal connections in harsh environments. Based on the LK Series MIL-SPEC designs, these connectors are extremely robust, IP rated, and available with impact resistant rubber locking rings.

The LK 176 series of connectors is fully compatible with the Whirlwind W4 Mass connectors series and has been designed for rugged applications. Based on the LK range high quality manufacturing, these connectors are extremely robust, IP rated and provide outstanding multipin connector reliability.

The LK 39 and LK 61 are compatible with the Whirlwind W1 and W2 multipin connectors and are used on multipair cables from 6 to 20 pairs. Based on the LK range high quality manufacturing, these connectors are extremely robust, IP rated and are designed for rugged applications.

The LKH series of connectors was originally designed to support head to ballast connections for most manufacturers of film and broadcast luminaires (Arri, Desisti, LTM, Mole-Richardson). Nowadays LKH configurations are ideal and also largely used for compact power and control connections up to 80A.

The restyling and construction of the P7 and P14 Chain Motor connectors has been specifically studied to meet the needs of the entertainment industry. LKR configurations and their wiring standards, well established in the market, allow easy connection with all existing cable assemblies, chain motors, and controllers.

The Power Link single pole connector series is designed for power distribution systems, offering the ultimate features in safety and reliability under the most severe operating conditions. Typical applications for Power Link include three/phase motors, generators, load banks and lighting distributions panels.

LK 8 Pole Speaker Connectors

LKI 08 and LKA 08 speaker connectors are ideal for portable speaker applications and they are fully compatible with popular CA-COM configurations. Panel and line versions in male, female and reverse configurations.

LK 9 Pole Speaker Connectors

LKI 09 and LKA 09 speaker connectors are ideal for portable speaker applications. Panel and line versions in male and female configurations

LK 25 Pole Speaker Connectors

LKI 32/25 and LKA 32/25 connectors are specifically designed to support high-density live array configurations where multiple speaker channels are required.