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A New Challenge

For over thirty years LINK has been a leading company in the development of innovative solutions for the world of Broadcast and Entertainment. Reference point for the construction of interconnection infrastructures, LINK is internationally recognized for the quality and reliability of its solutions.

LINK has recently focused its technical research on creating an air and surface sanitization system that could meet its reliability standards with fundamental added value.

The Solution: LINK ON AIR

We have identified and acquired the best existing technology: a sanitizing system, not harmful, effective for air and surfaces. Born from a NASA project to use in space stations, ActivePure® technology naturally acts on the molecules in the air, actively decontaminating it as well as all surfaces in the same environment.

We paired ActivePure® technology with a new and innovative app and sensors system to monitor air quality and to remotely control all sanitization devices in the installation.

All this, together with an advanced fluid dynamics software that allows us produce extremely accurate simulations, allows us to provide our customers with smart sanitization solutions in line with our history and our technical and commercial values.

ActivePure® Sanitization Technology

ActivePure® is a non-toxic decontamination technology that actively purifies air and surfaces, producing a non-invasive and chemical-free treatment in indoor environments that neutralizes up to 99.9% of viruses and bacteria and substantially reduces odors, mold and chemicals.

Air filtered by ActivePure® devices is safe to breathe for humans and pets and and it does not damage sensitive electronic equipment.

Fluid-Dynamic Analysis

All sanitization projects take advantage of the most advanced fluid-dynamic simulation software. Through a detailed reconstruction of the environments, we can predict with excellent approximation how the system will operate. This allows us to identify and neutralize any weakness in the design phase.

Sensors and control software

An advanced control and data acquisition system that, through dashboard or app, allows not only to control and manage every unit of the installation but also to monitor air quality through IAQ parameters.

Hardware and software architecture specifically designed by Link to allow a perfect response to the present and future needs of the market.

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