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Full catalogue

Includes Eurocable, LK Connectors, PDlink, DGlink and OPTIlink catalogues.

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Bulk and assembled cables including analog audio, digital audio, speaker, Ethernet, fiber optics, lighting, video, power and hybrid signals.

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LK Connectors

Circular connectors including multipin audio, speaker, Ethernet, fiber optics, lighting, video, power and hybrid signals.

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Power and signal hybrid distribution systems, company switches, facility panels and backbones, portable power boxes, stage boxes, AD systems, drive amp I/O systems, snakes, widgets, boxes and panels.

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Speaker Distribution

A wide range of snakes specially designed and engineered to minimize connections and errors. Includes the new 12 speaker ways plus control extensions.

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SC connectors, LC connectors, splicers and fiber optics tools.

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Hybrid digital distribution systems.

Dimensional Data & Standard Wiring

Reference tables for cable dimension to be used with PG or metric glands and standard wiring of LK Connectors.

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