Innovative LKS Data technology for Teatro Lirico

Image of Lirico Theatre in Milan

As happened for the recent renovation of the prestigious Galli Theater in Rimini, Link has played a fundamental role in equipping the “Teatro Lirico” in Milan with highly technological and functional wiring and infrastructures.

Link’s innovative technologies for the Galli Theatre

Image of Galli Theatre

The Galli Theatre of Rimini (Italy), originally constructed in 1857, is a theatre with a troubled past. Bombed by the Allies during the Second World Conflict, looted in the immediate post-war period, and victim in the subsequent years of partial reconstruction, only in 2018 could it reopen to the public with a completely new and technologically advanced infrastructure. In the most recent renovation and modernization work, everything pertaining to terminations and wiring was assigned to LINK; the Italian company based in Rome (Italy) and Middleton (USA), which celebrated its first 30 years just over a year ago.

A perfect solution for Yamaha Motor Racing

Image of Yamaha Motor Racing hospitality building

Following the world motorcycling championships, Yamaha Motor Racing has recently undertaken a significant reorganisation of their touring facilities.
Yamaha specified a system that ensured simplicity in its wiring, a guarantee of performance and, above all, a level of robustness that would ensure operation under any weather conditions.
Thanks to their diverse range of products and specialisms, LINK has succeeded in fulfilling all of these requests by delivering a safe and high-performance installation to Yamaha Motor Racing – one that is arguably just as splendid as the bikes that the Yamaha team prepares for the track.

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