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LK 48 Pole Speaker + Control Connectors

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LK 48 pole speaker + control connectors (LK 48/6 series) are specifically designed to support high-density line array configurations where multiple speaker channels are required. Based on the LK Series MIL-Spec designs, these connectors are extremely robust, IP rated, and available with impact resistant rubber locking rings. The integral digital pairs in the LKA 48/6 connectors transport common laser & inclinometer signals.

LK 48 pole speaker + control connectors are designed to connect speaker clusters using as few cables as possible. They can carry up to 48 speaker and 2 AES/EBU channels with their specific cables.

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  • Up to 24 speaker channels plus two AES/EBU channels for laser paintings and inclinometer control
  • Based on military specifications MIL-C-5015 and VG 95234 for high strength and reliability
  • Easy and error-free mating for fast connections
  • Excellent resistance against accidental unlocking caused by shocks and vibrations
  • Guaranteed for over 2000 coupling operations
  • Audible snap in quick bayonet lock
  • Body made high quality aluminium with resistant black finishing
  • Roller studs for easier coupling

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Additional information

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Line, Panel


Female, Male

Pin Version

Crimp, Solder

Connector Size


Pin Size - Audio

48 pins size 12 + 6 pins size 18

Pin Coating


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Audio, Control


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