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LKG Hybrid Multi-CAT6 + Audio Connectors

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LKG hybrid multi-CAT6 plus audio connectors are ideal for Broadcast, Entertainment, Medical, Industrial, and Military applications that require multiple CAT6 connections and audio, and are available with 2 CAT6 connections and configurations of 2, 6 and 12 audio channels. Link’s extensions, built with LKG connectors and specially designed Eurocable cables,  can transmit high-speed data and multiple audio signals in a single cable, thus eliminating the use of additional cables and optimizing connection times.

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    • 2 CAT6 connections plus 2, 6 or 12 audio channels
    • High quality CAT6 circular contacts
    • Easy and error-free mating for fast connections
    • Fast LinkLock backshell
    • Excellent resistance against accidental unlocking caused by shocks and vibrations
    • Audible snap in quick bayonet lock
    • Cable version with easy-grip long metal locking ring
    • Roller studs for easier coupling
    • Body made of high quality aluminium
    • Guaranteed for over 2000 coupling operations

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    Additional information

    Contacts - Data


    Channels - Audio


    Pin Size - Audio


    Connector Color



    Female, Male

    Connector Type

    Line, Panel

    Connector Size

    24, 28

    IP Rating


    Locking ring

    Black metal, Black rubber, Blue rubber, Yellow rubber, Red rubber, Green rubber

    Pin Coating



    Audio, Data


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