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Wiring Cable Aluminium Shield Ø 3.1 mm

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Eurocable’s wiring cable with aluminium shield has been specifically designed for fixed installations and to wire up devices within a rack, where  small gauge size is particularly important. It consists of two insulated twisted conductors and drain wire. All Eurocable wiring cables guarantee a clean and constant audio signal transmission to ensure a natural and realistic sound. Highly efficient insulation from hum, noise and radio interference is also assured thanks to its aluminium/mylar foil shield. Easy removal of the jacket and aluminium foil shield allow for a faster installation time.

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  • Minimal outer diameter
  • Designed for fixed installations and to wire up devices within racks
  • Drain wire for fast installation time
  • Can tolerate extremely high bend radiuses

Additional information

Additional information





Cable O.D.

3.10 mm

Conductor Area (mm²/AWG)



EN 60332

Field of Use

Broadcast, Cinema, Events, Multipurpose Venues, Stage & Entertainment, Studio, Theatres, Theme Parks

Flame Resistant

EN 50266-2, IEC 60332-3 CAT. "C"

Standard Reel

200 m/656 ft on cardboard reels



Signal Type



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