Multicore Speaker + AES/EBU Digital Audio Hybrid Cables

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Eurocable‘s multicore speaker and AES/EBU digital audio hybrid cables have been specifically designed for today’s professional line arrays which require more granular control in order to effectively leverage high-density power amplifiers and DSP control. These particular hybrid speaker cables, purposefully created for touring applications, also contain digital pairs to transport common laser and inclinometer signals.

All Eurocable speaker cables are flame resistant and are designed with a nocenter conductor, attributing to their superior strength in field applications where long hanging lengths are required. Channel pairs are clearly labeled and arranged using our unique production process to ensure identical distance for the red (+) and black (-) conductors.

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  • 18 or 24 speaker audio pairs
  • One digital audio pair for laser and inclinometer signals
  • Specifically designed for professional line arrays

Additional information

Additional information

Standard Reel

92 m/300 ft on wooden reels





Field of Use

Events, Stage & Entertainment, Theme Parks

Flame Resistant

EN 50266-2, IEC 60332-3



Signal Type

Analog + Digital


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