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The LKS Data connector introduces the next evolution of LK Connectors incorporating integral data transport while maintaining compatibility with all conventional “Socapex” style 19 pin power connectors. Link’s innovative coaxial pin design, coupled with its proprietary mounting method, permits the connection of conventional 19 pin 6 circuit power cables into the female panel mount and inline versions of the LKS Data connector. When mated the connector pair not only transports 6 circuits of power but also carries DMX, Gigabit Ethernet, or digital audio.

The LKS Data connector also leverages a printed circuit board to provide easy termination of both ground and data contacts.

When coupled with the PDlink smart distribution system and the new multi-conductor power plus Ethernet cables, Link provides a complete solution for transporting power and data to lighting and powered speaker systems.

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  • Screw coupling connector
  • Fully compatible with Socapex SL 419 series
  • Integrated data transport
  • Easy “blind mating” alignment
  • Gold plated machined pins
  • Integrated locking ring set screw
  • Body ground fulfilling UL & NEC requirements
  • Anti spinning system
  • Proprietary pin block and mounting configuration supports 6 circuits pf L/N/G contacts plus up to 4 data contacts retaining compatibility with conventional Soca cables

Additional information

Additional information

Contacts - Power


Contacts - Data


Connector Color



Female, Male

Connector Type

Line, Panel

Connector Size

32 (Socapex compatible)

IP Rating


Locking ring

Black metal, Black rubber, Blue rubber, Yellow rubber, Red rubber, Green rubber

Pin Coating



Data, Power


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