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Eurocable Microphone Cables with Neutrik XLR 3-pole Black ‘Canon’ Connectors

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Eurocable 3-pole “Canon” XLR cable extensions for microphone and loudspeaker connections. Assembled in Italy by Link; quality ensured by Eurocable and Neutrik, two leading brands in the professional audio and live entertainment industry thanks to the renowned robustness and reliability of their products. Eurocable microphone cables with Neutrik connectors are designed for professional applications in live shows, recording studios, theaters, TV studios, sporting events and wherever a superior quality balanced microphone connection is needed.

Cable: Eurocable CVS LK02N6E black 6.00 mm made in Italy according to the highest quality standards. Braided copper shield for maximum resistance to electromagnetic interference and high sound quality; extra flexible PVC sheath, resistant even in the most critical environments.

Connectors: XLR “Canon” 3-pole Neutrik NC3MXX male/ NC3FXX female with nickel casing and silver contacts. XX series of the Neutrik XLR connectors, more reliable, robust and easy to install than its predecessors.

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  • Extra-flexible PVC jacket
  • Designed for rugged applications
  • Highly efficient shielding from hum, noise, radio interference and electromagnetic fields
  • Male connector with improved locking recess without “window”
  • Connector boot with polyurethane gland gives high protection to cable bending stresses
  • Rugged zinc diecast shell, longlasting and dependable

Additional information

Additional information

Connector Type

XLR Female, XLR Male

Cable O.D.

6.00 mm

Conductor Area (mm²/AWG)









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