Chain Hoist Power + Control Hybrid Cables

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Eurocable’s chain hoist power + control cables have been specially designed for the special applications of control and power “Fly” cables for chain hoists used in rigging for the entertainment industry. In accordance with ANSI E1.6-4 2013 / Rig/20102008r2, these cables have been designed without a center conductor as specified in section 8.2.4. “Due to the nature of flex and movement of the hoist power/control cable, a center conductor is subject to extreme tension and pulling forces that can lead to the failure of the hoist to operate or ungrounded conditions, depending on the pinout of the control system”.

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  • Designed for chain hoists used in rigging for the entertainment industry
  • Built without a center conductor

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Additional information

Standard Reel

305 m/1000 ft on wooden reels





Field of Use

Stage & Entertainment




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