08ch Audio Fan-Out Kit

Link presents its new line of extension and box assembly kits for DIY enthusiasts. Featuring Link’s exceptional quality at a reduced price, these assembly kits are the best value for money for people with wiring experience.

The kit includes:

  • Cable (SS, SSA or SSAD version)
  • LK 25 pole line female connector (with metal or rubber locking ring)
  • 25 golden pins (solder or crimp version)
  • Silicone tubes
  • 8 Neutrik line male XLR connectors (silver version)
  • Numbered heatshrinks for quick channel identification
  • With or without dust caps
Cod: N/A Cat:
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  • Assembly kit for 8 channels audio extensions with XLR fan-out
  • Available in various lengths, with 3 different types of analog or digital cables
  • Metal or rubber locking rings
  • With or without dust caps
  • Everything you need to build your own LK audio multipin extension!

Additional information

Additional information

Weight N/A


Cable Strain Relief

PG16 with antibending spring

Channels - Audio



Female, Male

Pin Coating



3, 25




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