New headquarters for LINK Italy and LINK USA

It was 1987 when Marco Piromalli founded LINK and decided to settle in Rome, a city to which he was particularly attached and in which he and other people of the LINK Team lived and worked.

For the same reason, some time ago, when growth and the need for space imposed a change of location, the choice fell once again on the area of the capital.
When we moved to look for a larger and more appropriate location, we decided to stay in the metropolitan area of Rome,” says Assunta Fratocchi, Managing Director of LINK.
Basically we wanted to keep the staff and the team of people who helped grow the company intact over the years and in this sense excessive displacement from the city of Rome would have created discomfort for many of them. We therefore sought a place that was easy to reach by customers and suppliers but that did not separate our employees from their families, values that are very important for us … ” adds Assunta.

The new headquarters in Via Bruno Pontecorvo in Guidonia was chosen in a large commercial area not far from the town center and above all a few kilometers from the Rome-L’Aquila-Teramo motorway and from Via Tiburtina, an ideal solution from a logistical point of view… while remaining just twenty kilometers from the center of Rome!
The new premises are composed of a bright open space on the upper floor where the technical-commercial offices are located and a large room on the ground floor occupied by the workshop and warehouse that can now accommodate a greater stock of products, always well organized and ready for shipment.

The growth of the company has literally imposed a more rigid and efficient organization on an operational and logistic level, such as the loading and unloading areas, the storage of goods, the greater room for maneuver in the warehouse” continues Assunta. “Even the offices of the upper floor are very pleasant to live in, bright and rational, an ideal space in which to work.” Assunta concludes.

The same fate fell to LINK USA in Middleton, a small town in Wisconsin not far from Milwakee …

It happened that the Municipality of Middleton bought the former LINK US building to expand the school district. This represented an opportunity for the company that was able to look for a new location, again in Middleton, but with additional space and the possibility of further expansion”, says Bob Vanden Burgt of LINK USA.

With the help of the citizens and the Middleton Chamber of Commerce, we were able to secure a space in the building previously occupied by Full Compass Systems – a professional audio distributor – and by Intelix, another company active in the audio field”continues Bob.

The new “technology incubator for growth stage companies” pole was the ideal place to meet the growth needs LINK, which can now count on a large load area, prototyping areas and common work spaces with other companies active in the field technological.

Working alongside other companies in the sector is very stimulating and we recently organized an open day entitled Link Business Social Hour in partnership with the Middleton Chamber of Commerce, the Capital Brewery, FCS Parters, POLCO and Rowheels which received a great deal public success” concludes Bob Vanden Burgt.


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