Musical Instrument Cable

Eurocable single conductor cable mainly used for the connection of unbalanced musical instruments. This cable gives superior performance with its special double shield (spiral plus thermoplastic shield) that provides an excellent insulation even from noise caused by the shield rubbing against the dielectric (microphone effect), at the same time preserving flexibility and high temperature resistance.

  • Excellent insulation to prevent microphone effect
  • High temperature resistance
  • Thermoplastic shield

Additional information



Jacket Color


Standard Reel

100 m on cardboard reels

Electrical data

D.C.R. at 20°C Conductor ≤ 78 ohm/km
Shield ≤ 50 ohm/km
Capacitance CDR/CDR  1 KHz
CDR/SDR  1 KHz 130 pF/m
Nominal Impedance  1 KHz 360 ohm/100 m
Attenuation  1 KHz 0.25 db/100 m
Inductance < 16 µH/100 m

General data

Cable O.D. 6.00 mm
Standard reels 100 m
Weight 3.50 Kg/100 m
Operating temperature -5°C/+70°C
Jacket Material PVC
Nom. Thick. 1.7 mm
Shield (double) Material First: Conductive graphite – Second: Spiral bare copper shield
Coverage First: 100% – Second: 95%
Conductor Qty 1
Strand 30 x 0.10 mm
Area/AWG 0.22 mm2/24
Insul. O.D. 1.70 mm
Material Bare copper polyethylene insulated
CAT6 Shielded Cable CVS LKCAT6 STPWiring Cable 02n3hf