LKS “spiders” 
The LKS “spiders” are break in/out connectors and can be supplied wired with 6×2.5 mm² cables in lengths of 1.5 or 2 m each. The 6 power cables can be terminated with any 16-20A / 100-240Vac sockets or plugs.

Y-Cord Splitter
Cord splitter manufactured with 2.5 mm² H07 RN-F rubber cable overall length 1 meter, (any length can be supplied too), featuring bare ends or wired with any 16-32A / 100-240Vac sockets or plugs.

Splitter moulding LKS connectors
A robust thermolene case supplied in two versions: complete with an incoming LKS male connector 19 pin plug and 2 LKS female connectors 19 pin sockets or with an incoming LKS female connector and one male plus one female outgoing connectors.

Power Distribution