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Multi-Conductor Power + CAT5 SFTP Ethernet Flat Cable

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The multi-conductor power + CAT5 SFTP Ethernet flat cable has been designed to be used in conjunction with a special version of the LKS DATA connector which is equipped with backshell and cable clamp for flat cables. This hybrid cable allows the transport of 6 single-phase 16A power circuits together with a CAT5E SFTP data connection. The multi-conductor power + Ethernet flat cable is particularly suitable for correct collection in contexts where motorized trusses are used, or automatic or manual handling systems that require particular cable management methods and minimum bending radiuses. The possibility of using a single cable to carry power and data makes it unnecessary to pass on additional types of cables to control the devices to be reached (such as lighting fixtures, motors, etc.), preventing cables from becoming entangled during handling.

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  • Designed for transporting 6 circuits of 16A power and a CAT5E SFTP data connection
  • Particularly suitable for correct collection in contexts where motorized trusses are used
  • Special “flat” design

Additional information

Additional information


Installation, Mobile

Cable O.D.

23.30 mm

Field of Use

Events, Multipurpose Venues, Stage & Entertainment, Theatres, Theme Parks

Flame Resistant

EN 50266-2, IEC 60332-3 CAT. "C"





Standard Reel

152 m/500 ft on wooden reels


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