Boxes & Panels

19″ Boxes
19″ boxes are the ideal base to build up your own easy-to-set audio or video power derivations. Manufactured in 12/10 steel plate and finished in orange peel black dust epoxy. Suitable for housing all kinds of 19″ rack panels. All boxes are pre-punched for LK connectors. Punching corresponds to the connector size according to the channel number suitable for the specific box. This may be covered by an appropriate plate if not required.

19″ Rack Boxes
The front and the rear panel are manufactured in 30/10 black finished aluminium plate; they are available in 1, 2 and 3 rack units consisting of a “U” shaped base and top lid. They can be supplied with pre-punched holes on the front and rear upon request.

Pre-punched Panels
Pre-punched panels available in a wide range of size configurations for easy and time-saving assembly of various types of connectors (XLRs, CEE form sockets, LK connectors). Manufactured in steel plate, and finished in smooth black dust epoxy with silk-screen identification.

Blank Panels
Standard: these panels, featuring 19″ standard rack size, are used mostly to cover empty units on the racks. Manufactured in 30/10 aluminium plate, they are finished in smooth, black dust, epoxy.
Reinforced: similar characteristics to the standard panel but manufactured in 20/10 aluminium plate with a 90° fold, top and bottom, to give better rigidity.

Ventilation Panels
Specifically designed to cover empty units, thereby giving extra ventilation in the racks. They are manufactured in 20/10 aluminum plate with a 90° fold, top and bottom, to give better rigidity.

Blank and Punched Lids
Link offers blank lids for the entire range of LK connectors (PF TP***) as well as blank lids and BNC “D” series XLR adaptors (PF D, PF BNC, …).

Boxes & Panels

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