The DGlink multimedia switches were designed to address the specific needs presented in live event production. Today’s Audio, Video, and Lighting over Ethernet protocols require low latency transport, specific quality of service (QoS) control, and precision clocking to ensure that all multimedia transport and control signals arrive error free and synchronized. Whether you are designing for a fixed theatrical installation or a concert tour, DGlink switches are available in configurations to support your specific application.

DGlink 19” rack mountable switches leverage the latest electronics from CiscoTM, Extreme NetworksTM, and LuminexTM, packaged in a robust enclosure, with touring grade connectors. Redundant power supply and PCB configurations are available to ensure 100% uptime for your critical applications. Our team of experienced engineers helps you select the best internal hardware based on specific show requirements.

DGlink switches are available in multiple I/O configurations supporting various optical and copper port and connector configurations.
DGlink electronics can also be fitted into other enclosures with supporting electronics and customized to address special packaging requirements.
DGlink supports common entertainment layer 2 and layer 3 protocols such as sACN, Art-Net AVB, Dante, and AES67. Options are also available for Precision Time Protocol (PTP) IEEE 1588v2. DGlink switches support specific VLAN configurations and MultiSelect configurations for easy reprogramming in the field.

DGLink Reduntant Rugged Switches