The DGlink MOB incorporates WDM and MTP/MPO technologies to deliver a framework that transports up to 24 discrete networks over a hybrid power+data backbone. Leveraging hybrid LK Connectors and eurocable, DGlink MOB is designed for large broadcast and entertainment applications that require power and multiple transport and control protocols to be transported over extended distances.

The DGlink MOB can be configured to support multiple signals: 3G HD-SDI, MADI, Dante, AES67, sACN, and Art-Net. (Dark Fiber ports are also available on request) Single Mode and Multi-Mode configurations are available and can support distances up to 120 km. DGlink MOB WDM modules comply with ITU G.695 and G.696 ITU o T G.652 (11/2009) standards and can provide up to 18 discrete channels in a single enclosure.

All DGlink Ruggedized Redundant Switch I/O port options are also available in the DGlink MOB.

DGLink Multinetwork Optical Backbone