Due to the high grade of customization for all DGlink products, we highlight some standard basic solutions which can be configured and expanded to provide the right answer for your needs.

MDP System (Multi Digital Protocol)

DGlink MDP supports the transport and distribution of analog and digital audio while facilitating additional communication, control, and monitoring signals. The DGlink architecture is modular and can be configured to suit existing needs and be extensible for the future at the same time. DGlink can be combined with eurocable hybrid cables and LK Connectors to provide a single touring grade cable and connection point between the front of house and the stage. Built on a robust processing engine, DGlink supports 24-bit resolution and sampling frequencies up to 48KHz.
DGlink MDP also has options for redundant power supplies and external battery back-up. The optional AES-EBU drive module reclocks, rebuffers, splits, and distributes 12 channels of AES-EBU digital audio throughout multiple amplifier racks.


Multiple protocols: DGlink MDP has the option to transport and convert 2 simultaneous protocols (Dante, MADI, Ethersound)
Customization: DGlink can be easily configured to integrate with pre-existing conventional stage boxes, sub snakes and splitters. DGlink can also provide direct or transformer isolated analog inputs for conventional monitor and broadcast consoles.
Modular Channel Counts: The 8 channel DGlink digital convertor modules support up to 64 bidirectional channels of Analog to Digital (ADC) and Digital to Analog (DAC).
Control & Settings: The 8 channel DGlink digital converter modules support up to 64 bidirectional channels of Analog to Digital (ADC) and Digital to Analog (DAC).

DGLink Digital Stage Boxes

Mini DGlink

Mini DGlink is the little brother of MDP housed in 1U and 2U 19” rack modules. The Mini supports up to 16 channels of input and 8 channels of output in a compact 1U configuration. I/O configurations available forXLR, sub-D 25 pin or LK input and output connectors. Dual HA (Head Amps) output options are also available supporting different gain settings for the same analog input at two different destinations (e. g. FoH, Monitor, Broadcast). MINI supports 24-bit resolution and sampling frequencies up to 96kHz using a Dante Brooklyn II digital audio board.


Configuration: Mini DGlink comes in 1U/2U configurations up to 16 inputs and 8 outputs. Options for Dual Head Amp and Redundant Power Supply are available on request. Different I/O configurations are available. All configurations are available with Dante protocol.
Control & Settings: DGlink comes with free Windows & IPAD software to remotely control all parameters on up to 8 units simultaneously (gain, +48V Phantom Power, Pad).