Multi Mode Unbreakable Triple Jacket Optical Cable

The Eurocable FOHD “unbreakable” LSZH multi mode fiber optic cables have been created to satisfy the demanding elements of the entertainment market when using new signal distribution systems with connections for optical signals, where cables that can withstand the day to day use for live events is crucial. Designed to tolerate extreme bend radiuses with zero attenuation, the triple jacketed cable is reinforced with aramid fibers to ensure maximum tensile strength. 
Available with multiple termination methods, LSZH is a next generation cable specifically designed for live entertainment and broadcast applications.

  • Tactical MM 50/125 Multi Fiber Optic (4) Cable

Additional information



Jacket Color


Standard Reel

1000 m on wooden reels

Flame Retardant

CEI 20-37-2, CEI 20-37-5, EN 50267-2-1, EN 50268-2-1, IEC 60754-1, IEC 61034-1

Halogen Free


Technical Data

Attenuation <3 dB/Km at 850 nm
<1 dB/Km at 1310 nm
Band width >500 MHz x Km at 850 nm
>500 MHz x Km at 1310 nm
Operating temperature Installation -5° C +50° C
Operation -40° C +80° C
Minimum bending radius 2.5 cm
Breaking load 3000 N

General Data

Cable O.D. 5.20 mm
Weight    Kg/100m 3.70
Jacket Inner jacket Material LSZH compound
Color Blue
Second jacket Material PVC
Color Black
Outer jacket Material PUR
Color Black
Under jacket strength element Aramid fiber braid
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