DMX D 20 AWG Conductors Area Cable

The Eurocable DMX cable range meets the DMX 512/1900 standard for data transmission in lighting control applications.

  • Two pairs included in an overall shield. The two additional conductors are suitable for the feedback signal on digital controls. Ideal for long runs.

Additional information



Jacket Color


Standard Reel

200 m on cardboard reels

Flame Retardant

EN 50265-2-1, EN 50267-2-1, EN 50268-2-1, IEC 60332-1, IEC 60754-1, IEC 61034-1

Electrical Data

Description Double pair for DMX 512
D.C.R. Conductor 32.5 ohm/km
Capacitance 1 KHz Conductor/Conductor 45 pF/m
Conductor/Shield 80 pF/m
Nominal Impedance 110 ohm
Attenuation 1 KHz 2 db/100 m
Vel. of Prop. 80%
Inductance 60 µH/100 m

General Data

Cable O.D. 8.30 mm
Standard reels 200 m
Operating temperature -20°C/+70°C
Jacket Material PVC Flame Retardant
Nominal Thickness 1.75 mm
Shield Material Aluminum – Mylar foil
Coverage 100%
Conductor Quantity 2+2
Strand 7 x 0.28 mm
Area/AWG 0.5 mm²/20
Insulation O.D. 2.00 mm
Material Annealed tinned copper foamed, polyethylene insulated
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