Aluminium Shield Wiring Cable

All Eurocable wiring cables have been specifically designed for fixed installations and to wire up devices within a rack, where signal integrity over long runs and small gauge sizes are particularly important. They consist of two insulated twisted conductors and drain wire. Highly efficient shielding from hum, noise and radio interference is garanteed.

  • Minimal outer diameter
  • Both the jacket and aluminium foil shield can be easily removed thus speeding up installation time
  • Aluminium/mylar foil shield

Additional information



Jacket Color


Standard Reel

200 m on cardboard reels

Flame Resistant

EN 50266-2, IEC 603332-3 CAT. "C"

Electrical data

D.C.R. at 20°C Conductor 65 ohm/km
Shield 260 ohm/km
Capacitance CDR/CDR  1 KHz 100 pF/m
CDR/SCR  1 KHz 300 pF/m
Nominal Impedance  1 KHz 600 ohm/100 m
Attenuation 1 KHz 0.50 db/100 m
Inductance < 58 µH/100 m

General data

Cable O.D. 3.10 mm
Standard reels 200 m
Weight 1.40 Kg/100 m
Operating temperature -35°C/+65°C
Jacket Material  PVC
Nom. Thick. 0.30 mm
Shield Material Aluminium – Polyester tape
Coverage 100%
Conductor Qty 2
Strand 7 x 0.20 mm
Area/AWG 0.22 mm2/24
Insul. O.D. 1.00 mm
Material Bare copper polyethylene insulated
Wiring Cable 02N3RSingle Mode Unbreakable Fiber Optic Cable LKFOHD4SM09-5