4.5 mm Microphone Cable

The 4.5 mm microphone cable has been designed for rugged applications. This extremely resistant cable is anti-trampling while preserving high flexibility in a wide range of conditions, even at temperatures below 0 °C. It consists of two insulated twisted conductors and drain wire, all shielded with a high density spiral copper for highly efficient shielding from hum, noise, radio interference and electromagnetic fields. The insulation is made from high quality polyethylene which does not shrink, nor misshape at high temperatures when soldering.

Producted in Italy with top quality materials, this 4.5 mm microphone cable is particularly suitable for Bantam patch cords.

  • Suitable for Bantam patch cords
  • Minimal outer diameter

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CVS LK02*4.5

Additional information



Jacket Color

Black, Blue, Green, Grey, Red, Yellow

Standard Reel

200 m on cardboard reels

Electrical data

D.C.R. at 20°C Conductor 78 ohm/km
Shield 39 ohm/km
Capacitance CDR/CDR  1 KHz 160 pF/m
CDR/SHD  1 KHz 80 pF/m
Nominal Impedance  1 KHz 450 ohm/100 m
Attenuation 1 KHz 0.50 db/100 m
Inductance < 58 µH/100 m

General data

Cable O.D. 4.50 mm
Standard reels 200 m
Weight 2.80 Kg/100 m
Operating temperature -5°C/+70°C
Jacket Material  PVC
Nom. Thick. 1.00 mm
Shield Material Bare copper spiral shield plus 20 AWG tinned copper drain wire
Coverage 100%
Conductor Qty 2
Strand 30 x 0.10 mm
Area/AWG 0.22 mm²/24
Insul. O.D. 1.10 mm
Material Bare copper polyethylene insulated
Chain Hoist Power and Control Cable LC CTL 16/7Double Shielded Microphone Cable 02N6S2