19 x 1.5 mm² Lighting Power Cable

The new lighting power cable (19×1.5mm²) is a unique cable specifically designed and produced for LKS and/or 19 pins lighting connectors (SOCA compatible). Its flexibility, robustness and high flame resistant rate allow ideal performances in fixed and outdoor applications.

CVS LK19G1.5

Additional information

Jacket Color


Standard Reel

200 m on wooden reels

Flame Resistant

EN 50266-2, IEC 603332-3 CAT. "C"

General Data

CABLE O.D. 14.90 mm
Standard reels 200 m
Weight 45.20 Kg/100 m
Operating temp -20°C/+70°C
Nominal Thick 1.50 mm
CONDUCTOR D.C.R. at 20° C ≤ 14.20 ohm/km
Insulation Resistance > 200 Mohm/km
Voltage test 2500 Vc.ax5’ cond/cond
Qty 19
Strand 28 x 0.25 mm
Area/AWG 1.37 mm2/16
Insulation O.D. 2.50 mm
Material Annealed copper TM2 PVC flame retardant insulated
LKS Data ConnectorsCAT6 Shielded Cable CVS LKCAT6 STP