LKG Gigabit Connectors


LKO Hybrid Optical + CAT6 + Power Connectors

12 fibre optic single-mode MTP channels, 12 fibre optic multi-mode MTP channels, 2 Gigabit contacts and 5 x 10 mm² (8 AWG) electrical contacts ideal for transporting a three phase 32A power source.

LKG Hybrid Multi-CAT6 + Audio Connectors

LKG hybrid multi-CAT6 plus audio Connectors are ideal for applications that require multiple CAT6 connections and audio. Available with 2 CAT6 connections and configurations of 2, 6 and 12 audio channels.

LKG Hybrid Multi-CAT6 + Video Connectors

The LKG hybrid multi-CAT6 plus video connector has been specifically designed for live entertainment and broadcast TV applications with MADI digital audio and HD-SDI connections.