Video Cables

Multicore CAT6 F/UTP Ethernet + RG6 Coaxial Video Cable
Hybrid cable made of 3 CAT6 F/UTP and 4 RG6 coaxial cables designed specially for...
Optical Camera Cable
Cable for the interconnection of cameras and base station for the simultaneous transmission of power,...
RG58 Analog Coaxial Video Cable
Coaxial video cable shielded with a copper braid and protected by a PVC jacket to...
RG59 Analog/Digital Coaxial Video Cable
Developed for analog and digital video devices, this cable has a double shield with aluminium...
RG59 HDTV Digital Coaxial Video Cable
RG59 digital video cable that mantains exceptional loss values better than the minimum SMPTE recommended...
RG6 HDTV Digital Coaxial Video Cable
RG6 HDTV cable with a very low attenuation even at the highest frequencies.
RG11 HDTV Digital Coaxial Video Cable
RG11 cable ideal for long distances, backbone applications, and high video and audio performances for...
RG179 Miniature HDTV Digital Video Cable
Mini coaxial cable for HDTV connections, CATV applications, computer connections and cable modems.
RX75 Miniature HDTV Digital Video Cable
Low loss digital video cable for use in HDTV distributions.
Triax Camera Cables
Professional video cables used to connect video broadcast cameras.

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