Today’s touring productions demand simple and reliable cabling solutions that can withstand the nightly abuse of live events. The Eurocable series of microphone, multicore audio, Ethernet, DMX, multicore speaker, and video cables are designed for touring and live broadcast applications. The Eurocable material, with its proprietary manufacturing processes, guarantees a long flex life critical for professional applications. Eurocable is constructed from flame-resistant PVC and known for extreme flexibility and durability.

LK Connectors, built to MIL C 5015 and VG95234 specifications, have set a new standard in reliability for the connectors used in the Show Business. Specifically designed to meet the needs of the entertainment and broadcast industries, they are widely used by major international players. LK configurations and their wiring standards allow easy connection in all Live and PA Rental business applications and onsite for harsh broadcast applications.

PDlink is the next generation of power and signal distribution designed to deliver a truly unified and modular interconnect system. Leveraging decades of experience and innovation, Link combines LK connectors, eurocable hybrid signal and power cables for power, data, audio, speaker, and video distribution. PDlink Distribution Systems can be custom manufactured for all types of signal or power distribution panels, racks and boxes.

DGlink digital audio distribution systems leverage a long lineage of analog/digital cables, connectors, and circuitry (all manufactured by Link) to produce truly modular touring grade digital distribution systems. DGlink is a digital snake designed for live events leveraging the architecture of traditional Stage Boxes. The primary objective is to offer a solution that will replace, or integrate with, traditional audio distribution systems (analog and digital) during live applications, utilizing one, or multiple, digital standards over CAT 5 or 6 cables. The Digital Protocol Modules support use of different digital audio standards(Dante, Ethersound, MADI) in a single system.